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Collopy Artha Yoga Reverse Warrior

Yoga, Meditation & Sound

All level classes. All day. 

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Yoga with energy.


Deeply physical but also spiritual, Rebel is a high-energy, invigorating vinyasa flow class designed to open the mind and body through thoughtful sequencing.


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Yoga with power.

This Power Flow remixes a variety of yoga styles, designed for students to achieve a masterful mindset. Focusing on breath & alignment, Renegade is a high-energy class that combines traditional postures with dynamic movements.

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Yoga with weights.

Resistance Yoga.

A dynamic and powerful blend of signature yoga poses and handheld weights. Resistance is a full body workout to tone muscles and strengthen the core.

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Revive + Radiate.

Yoga to heal.

Float through this class with breath work and movement. A guided journey to cleanse, tune and balance the mind and body through instrumental sound healing.


Release + Recalibrate.

Yoga & meditation.

A magical class to release tension through Yin postures and Reiki. Rest your system through sound and energy healing.

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